Sunday, 24 October 2010

communicaiton used in Movie

In-film placement: Krrish has many brands in the film by which they have earned much revenue approx to Rs 1 crore. There are several brands which provided promotional support to the film. Brands which are being placed in the film are: Samsung, Singapore tourism, tide, Star network, hero Honda, Lays, Bournvita, faber castell stationary, etc.
Co- promotion: krrish has done cross promotion with the help of advertising with certain products and different offers. They have also launched a game in name of Krrish. Before the release of krrish, they did cross promotion with Lifebuoy and for kinds they offered a contest “main bhi KRRISH offer” so as to target children. Lifebuoy soaps are all about protection and that is the common thread between Lifebuoy & Krrish. Hansaplast was also used as a source for co -promotion.      
Also, it is mutually beneficial. Pidilite Industries’ Acron brand of “Rangeela” colours has brought out special packs based on the film. Commercials on cartoon channels are inspiring juvenile viewers to “celebrate the magic of Krrish with ‘Rangeela’ colours”. The co-branded colours are also being made available at the multiplexes where the film is being screened.

Public Relation: Krrish has gained massive revenue from PR as it was Hrithik’s first release after 3 years. Also they have a path- breaking association with Singapore Tourism Board. Also krrish got an additional source for PR as they donated certain amount of money to charity. Another advantage was the special effects used in the film which gives the film a cutting edge.
Media tie up: Krrish has cobranded with products for commercials. Products they have chosen are according to their target market. Products such as: Rangeela color, lifebuoy, etc. They have tied up with Star entertainment, and they have also placed star as a product in the movie. Regular commercials of Krrish were shown in between the serials and movies. There was a media tie-up of Hansaplast with Krrish six months after the release of the movie.              

Merchandising: They have also used a medium of merchandising so as to communicate better with their target audiences. Krrish tied up with Pantaloon retail limited for manufacturing and marketing of its merchandising. Such as games, krrish toys, mugs, bags, and specially mask of Krrish.

Destination Partner: They have done most of shoot in Singapore and by which they have also reduced their 50% of production cost. A special Krrish trailer was launched by Singapore tourism board so as to attract the audiences towards Singapore tourism locations. There are certain tours introduced by Singapore tourism board in which they included the locations used in krrish movie.
Other promotional activities:
·         Print and TV Marketing (interview’s of cast and crew)
·         Mobile Contests and Downloads
·         Banners and Hoardings
·         Internet (facebook ,orkut) and Mobile Marketing
·         Promotional Events (making of film)  

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